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Meet the Filmmakers

Ben began work in the film industry working as a Gaffer, and worked his way up to screenwriting, and being the Director of Photography of his own projects. When the country entered quarantine in early 2020, Ben began writing a new short form script each day. Over the course of 60 days, Ben wrote 54 scripts, the shortest being 5 pages, and the longest is 34 pages. He then partnered with his friend and colleague Tin, to found this company, and began working together to start producing some of those short films. His personal website can be found here:

Tin started his filmmaking career wanting to direct, specializing in post-production working in editorial, but eventually found his main interest was to pursue being a Director of Photography.  It was during that change in roles where he met and partnered with his friend and colleague Ben Kurstin.  Together they found the company of 54 Scripts Productions in order to produce and create some of the many scripts that Ben had written for screen.  Tin's focus is to create well-told stories through the medium of filmmaking while fostering a collaborative and friendly community for the future.  His personal website can be found here:


Ben Kurstin and Tin Nguyen are the founding members and creative team behind the films of 54 Scripts Productions. Both trained and working DP’s, now working as the Producers of their own content, Ben and Tin come at their films with a mind for telling stories with a visual flair that makes their films stand out, and push genre conventions with their work.

54SP produced 3 shorts in a year, and looks continue that pace into the future. As well as the company is developing feature scripts to further push our work into new territory.

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