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Olivia, a young inventor, is up late at night, tinkering with a brand new device. Once turned on, it begins leading her around her home, it’s a magnet for finding hidden treasure. It seems like there is hidden riches everywhere. The device then leads Olivia out of her apartment, and into parts unknown. Where will it lead her next, and what might she find?


Shot entirely on the Laowa 15mm Macro Lens, in one night, with a single actor and only 3 crew members, “Spearmint” is a test in making a bare bones film fast and efficient, just for the fun of it. This is the first script that Ben Kurstin wrote during his marathon 54 script writing spree during the COVID quarantine of early 2020. The intention was to write a family film with no dialogue that could be shot in his home, with art department and set dressing he already owned, in one night.


Directed By 

Ben Kurstin

Written by 

Ben Kurstin



Tech Specs 

Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Camera 4K

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Audio Stereo

Length: 5:07

Language : English

Country: USA

Shot in Refreshing Color


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